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Selling your home is easy. Selling for top dollar, on the other hand, requires a lot more work than simply posting a “For Sign” in your front yard (although you’ll need to do that, too!). Here are my tips for designing a winning home sales strategy (hint: it requires planning and preparation).


1) Complete Inspections Prior to Going on the Market

This eliminates surprises and gives you more control when itcomes time to negotiate. If prospective buyers know what needs to be fixed upfront, they won’t be coming back to you with miscellaneous requests for repairsor price adjustments. Presenting buyers with completed inspection reports alsoshows that you’re serious and well-prepared.

2) Paint, Paint, Paint!

Yes, some buyers might love that red accent wall you lovingly painted when you moved in. But, trust me, a neutral coat of fresh paint throughout the home will appeal to everyone.Your house will photograph beautifully, and prospective buyers will be wowed by how light and bright the space looks in person.

3) Find a Great Handyman

Chances are, there are some home repairs that have been sitting on your to-do list since you moved in. Now’s the time to knock them out! Ask your realtor to help you create a punch list for your handyman and let them go to work. The last thing you want a buyer to fixate on is a broken doorknob or leaky shower head.

4) Spring for Staging

Staging does require an initial investment, but this service truly works wonders. I could show you some before and after photos that would blow your mind! Even if you have lovely furniture and beautiful taste, stagers have an exceptional understanding of what will photograph well and what’ll appeal to buyers. If you’re serious about selling for top dollar, this one is a must.

Smart sellers understand and appreciate the value of a proven preparation strategy. Yes, it takes more work and a small up-front investment, but it’ll pay off in the end.